Friday, December 28, 2007

Casino Blding Location Write Up

The following was written by one of our newest memebers Devin, hopefully this will fill everyone in on the colorfull history of this beautiful building and location. Our broadcast will begin at 8pm PST / 11am EST and can viewed by going to Thanks -

This building went up in the 1800's, nearest we can figure around 1812. There was ,how ever ,previous tenants to the land on which it is built. The building is built upon an old Indian burial ground. This land is said to be mystic and full of power.
The building has changed hands , and roles over the years. It was used as a warehouse, to store goods for the settlers in the area. This may explain the apparitions of the 2 "Long Riders", who pull up on there ghostly horses, tie them off , dismount and with long coats, cowboy hats, and clothes of an area gone by, they go through the front door.
It also contained a Vaudeville theater. There are a couple of actors who are still waiting for their curtain call. They show up as ghostly figures, and shadows. We believe that the Theater became a Blue's club, were non other than Jonnie Cash played a few times. The owner of the club ran on some hard times, and in a final act of desperation, took his own life. He can be heard playing a Blues tune from the other side. The Blues man, as he is known by around here, sometimes shows up holding his guitar and looking for the stage.
The building has also held a movie theater, and was the site of an Ice skating rink. One of these may explain the appearance of a young girl. She is said to be very cute, friendly and like to play pranks on people.
Things will suddenly be move to other parts of the building. She also likes to touch people when they least expect it.Maybe she would like to come out and play.
It also was the place of an execution. There was a Lynching that took place there. The young man who was hung, by this Lynch mob, is said to visit there as well. At this time, we cannot be sure if he was hung at the back stairs, or the big tree that was cut down a few months back.
The building is under reconstruction,and it is said that Spirits become more active when things are being changed.

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