Monday, June 23, 2008

The Matrix of Matrixing

Ever looked up in the sky at the clouds and saw something that immediately made you associate the visual with something. Matrixing is the brain's ability to create a familliar image from a picture that would otherwise be unrecognizable. One of the best ways to combat matrixing in photographs or video is to:

1 - use a high res camera.
2 - have proper lighting of the subject area
3 - much like when listening to evps, do not draw out the area that you believe you see something. Instead show it to various people and see if they notice anything odd in the photograph.
4 - Use a higher fps(frames per second)
5 - be skeptical minded


Mélange said...

Using a tripod or other sturdy surface to hold the camera still also helps tremendously.

Good one, Tim!

Anonymous said...

thanks mel for the tip..=)