Wednesday, August 15, 2007

this past months' shows...=)

Every month seems to get busier and busier for the crew..This past month we did 3 broadcasts a week! Some of the locations that you probably saw our shows aired included; the Presidio, the Banta Inn, Wolfe Manor aka Andleberry Estate, San Remo Hotel, the Queen Anne Hotel, several private residences etc. Next month we have many new and exciting places that we are going to take you, so we hope that you enjoy the shows!

Monday, August 13, 2007

thermal cams..

Thermal cams are an unreveiled tool when it comes to ghost hunting equipement. They by far give the user and the viewer in our case the easability to see temperature variations...One of the major problems with this piece of equipment that I want to point out to our viewers is that since this piece of equipment is so sensative often times it can be misleading. One of the perfect examples that I would like to point out, was when one of our viewers saw a warm spot on the floor. Our first response was that we had no idea what or why this warm spot had appeared on the thermal. After reviewing video footage we uncovered that an investigator had prevoiusly sat where the warm spot occured on the floor an hour prior. This just goes to show how sensitive this piece of equipment is and how misleading the results can be if not used in a controlled setting.