Friday, January 11, 2008

Majestic Hotel History

Thanks Noreen....for writing this up.....

The Hotel Majestic was constructed in 1902 as the private residence of Milton Schmidt, a turn of the century railroad magnate and member of the California State Legislature. Two years later, in 1904, Senator Schmidt moved on and the building became the Hotel Majestic. Two years after that, the Great Earthquake of 1906 struck. The terrible fires that ravaged the city halted at Van Ness Avenue, two blocks from The Majestic. This stroke of luck has made The Majestic San Francisco's oldest continually operating hotel.
Not only is The Hotel Majestic rich in it’s Golden Era history, but it has been said by many that The Majestic’s history is haunted by a resident Ghost. Guest’s have told of their eerie experiences while staying on the fourth floor. One room, rm. 408, where we will be staying, in particular spook people when the bathtub mysteriously fills with water. The ghost likes to walk the hallway late at night, with keys clanging along the walls.
Another story involves a production manager who was staying at the hotel while filming “Sweet November”. Late at night she reported to the front desk staff that her bed was shaking and thought they were having an earthquake. These unexplainable occurrences have left many guests wondering whose spirit walks the halls. It is believed that the daughter of the first owner refused to leave the building after it was sold. Her portrait now stands in the lobby, and perhaps her haunted spirit may still be there. The resident Ghost is seemingly spooky but always playful and friendly.

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