Thursday, November 20, 2008

the k2...and what we learned from it..

The main purpose of using equipement in the field is supposed to help disprove or help prove the existence of paranormal activity, the k2 does neither. Over the past year I can say that we have throughly evaluated and used the k2 in the field, and our tech team has performed many experiments on it. It is to much of our dismay that we will no longer be backing this piece of equipement nor using it on our investigations due to the numerous false positives that it creates and also due to the ease that it can be manipulated.
The k2 can give false readings due to:
1.) Radio frequencies, from cell phones, wireless body packs, walkies, radios, cell phone towers, etc.
2.) vibrations - due to speach


Anonymous said...

is that a turd...very approiate!

Anonymous said...

I thought k2 was good --mmmm

Suzie said...

I've never had any "hits" with the K2 that couldn't be explained away...I've seen people manipulate I must agree, out with the K2.