Thursday, February 10, 2011

Freaky Responses Caught During LIVE ITC Session Broadcast

Over the past two weeks since we have been doing the ITC sessions, the responses have been getting more and more malevolent in nature. Here is a clip of some the responses, if you wish to join us for on these broadcasts you can do so by going to
our forums.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

UFO's captured on Video over Jersaleum - mass sighting

Videos are surfacing at high rate over a mass UFO sighting over Jerusalem about on FEB 1st. Even the Israeli press now seems to trying to cover it up go figure. For more information click on the below link for the HD vid. The fourth video surfacing seems to be the clearest one yet. To view click the link below.

They're coming Vid -

More to up dated soon as more information becomes pertinent.

Remote ITC / Ghost Radar / iOvlius/. Crossover Talk / The Sallie House

The upcoming 72 Hour LIVE ghost at the Sallie House is rapidly approaching and instead of packing our gear we have decided to keep investigating the location until our flight leaves. How you ask? In preparation for this broadcast we have been trying out a new theory that ITC(Instrumental Trans Communication) can be used as form of remote communication. To illustrate this we have been trying to conduct audio ITC experiments from a remote California location, and once we get on location EVP, ITC data collection will occur. It is our thought that the responses remotely and once on location could go hand in hand to together, and further point us into the right direction of even greater evidence retrieval.

A lot of people are very unfamiliar with various forms of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication)and often associate it with being something that has been only developed and practiced recently however Tesla and Thomas Edison are often credited with its origins. With the explosion of technology and the net individuals are able to set up there own sessions and with quite familiarity and get stunning results.

The set up we are using is quite basic although we have tweaked a number of things to suit our own experiments that we are running. In a nut shell we have been running; radio shack hacked version of Franks Box, jailbroken iphone 4.0 and 3.0, iovilius, ghostradar, m2, and digital dowsings ITC app, crossover talk, and 8bit to 16bit sound recorders. The radio-shack hack is slightly modified so that instead of randomly scanning one band its scans, fm, am and shortwave at the same time. Our iphones are jailbroken so that all the words from the various itc devices instead of being stored on the phone also getting pushed to databases on the computer, and when crossovertalk is used the words get pushed out to that as well.

The experiment has progressing and each night and contact appears to be coming through clearer and clearer, as if something or someone is warning us about a malevolent spirit named "Belezebub".

The live broadcast for the Sallie House will be on the 18th - 21st, starting at 6pm cst, only, hope to see you there.